All new applicants are required to submit a full application, criminal background check and a credit check.  We will complete a lease with you at the office or via email for your convenience.  You can request a link to the application through our email: A blank copy of the lease can be found below as well.

All applications are subject to approval based on the following guidelines:

  • Age 18+ – Primary applicants must be eighteen years of age
  • Co-Signer – A qualified co-signer is required
  • Driver’s License or Photo ID – Driver’s license/photo ID available to be photo copied
  • Rental History – Applicants with lease violations or late rent payments may be denied. No eviction or unlawful detainer will be accepted.
  • Credit Check – Applicants with consistent late payments, unpaid collection account, judgments or liens may be denied
  • Criminal Background Check:
      Applicants with 2 or more City Ordinance (party, noise, keg, social host, etc.) will be denied. 
    A charge or conviction of theft will be denied.
    A charge or conviction of drug or drug paraphernalia within the past 5 years will be denied regardless of the charge.
    A charge or conviction involving any degree of a sexual offense, regardless of the charge or conviction, will be grounds for immediate denial.
    Applicants with felony or gross misdemeanor conviction will be denied.

When applying with us, please remember to have access to the following:

  • Application Fee – paid directly to link server
  • Security Deposit – cash, check or money order
  • Driver’s License
  • All current and previous rental phone numbers
  • Co-signer’s phone numbers and email addresses, if needed